Dorothy M. Higgins Community Center

In 2007, the completion of the long-anticipated project that culminated the 43rd district was the grand opening of the Dorothy M. Higgins Community Center. The heart of the Center focus upon spiritual enrichment programs and community outreach initiatives that provide social, economic and educational programs and services.

The Center hosts a multitude of activities for example, a Youth Development Center, Senior Community Activity Room, and other facility amenities to accommodate the growing necessities of the community.
New Christian works in partnership with the community to engage the senior population by encouraging active and healthy lifestytles through our senior's program designed to provide recreation, education and a place of worship that helps other adults. 

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As a dynamic speaker and great leader, Pastor Walter Bronson, Jr.'s pastorate features innovations, first, and unique contributions.

The following are some of the highlights of the achievements and contributions under his leadership:
  • Early morning worship-8 a.m.
  • Established an alternate singing schedule for the choirs
  • Established a Youth Adult Choir and two new musicians
  • Continuation of increase in membership and financial contributions
  • Established a Pastor’s Aid
  • A continuation of the former pastor’s dream, the main sanctuary of our church was constructed. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on Sunday, July 30, 1972 and the congregation marched into the sanctuary on July 1, 1973.
  • Purchased a house and additional space for a parking lot
  • Beautification of church grounds.
  • Formation of various organizations and leaders to head up these groups which have in turn made invaluable contributions to the church
  • Groundbreaking services for the Thomas Godwin Multipurpose Center were held on June 17, 1984.
  • The Thomas Godwin Multipurpose Center was erected in the Spring of 1986
  • A South Wing was added in May, 1999, expansion of the pulpit and a Baptismal Pool was added.
  • Church parking lot was added to the church facilities.
  • 2001, the old sanctuary was renovated and turned into classrooms along with the foyer and covenant stations enlarged to provide a lounge for the ladies.
  • 2002 New Christian Memorial Community Development Corporation
  • 2004 Before & After Care for children in Community.
Under the pastorate of Dr. Bronson, New Christian has been instrumental in the lives of ministers such as the late Elder Martin Jacob, of Shiloh Christ Deliverance Church; Reverend Jimmy Baldwin, who now pastors Shiloh Christian Community Church; Reverend Edward Ferguson, now pastor of the New Life Church; the late Reverend Dwight Caldwell and Reverend Tyrell Lassiter was youth ministers.

During his services, Pastor Bronson has exhibited personal concern for all through the use of his skills and resources in the area of counseling and guidance. Standing ever by his side are his devoted wife Irma, his children, and his grandchildren.

The loyalty and contributions of the membership and our friends through the years, has been great. The horizon of New Christian Memorials’ future is still greater. We are proud of our Youth who are the church of today and tomorrow, who must be the conveyors of our hopes and aspirations in the future. Ministers at New Christian Memorial Church who support the pastor.

Ministers at New Christian Memorial Church who support the pastor.
  • Reverend Lamont Baker
  • Minister Tonya Gray
  • Reverend Kevin Thompson
  • Minister Gail Green
  • Chaplain Hare Varnon
  • Minister Stanley Newsome
  • Elder Phillip D. Thompson Sr.
  • Minster Marvin Underwood
Reflecting over the journey, which we have come, we surely cannot take credit, we feel like Paul in his letter to the Corinthian Church, “I have planted, Apollo’s watered, but God gave the increase.” We resolve to rededicate ourselves to the service of God and do more for the building and glorification of His kingdom.